Commercial Horizons (CHI):  CHI is owned by Paul Klister, Bob Weyers and Jeff Weyers.  Over the past 17 years, we have developed over 3 Million square feet of Commercial, Retail, Office and Industrial properties with total cost in excess of $1.5 Billion Dollars.  We have developed in 7 different States, with a concentration in Wisconsin. It is our goal to work with our tenants from the beginning of the development process and provide guidance and leadership from site selection to building completion.   

We have 10 specialized individuals providing experience and professional representation in the areas of legal, planning, financing, leasing, construction, and property management. We are portfolio developers – meaning, that we develop to own the properties we are constructing.  We have a keen eye to design, cost and construction to ensure that we as owners get the best building possible, and that our tenants are provided with the most efficient and useful space possible; with the ultimate goal of providing a service to our tenants that makes the entire process painless for them.  

Development Methodology:  Our preferred method of development is to utilize a completely transparent "open book"  process.  The relationship begins with CHI team working closely with the Tenant and selected Architect, Engineers and General Contractor;  providing representation and guidance during the site selection, due diligence,  site planning stage and budget stages.  Upon completion of the construction drawings, CHI and Tenant will work with the General Contractor  to achieve a mutually agreed upon  Total Project Budget; which will include all soft and hard costs of construction.  

CHI will then team with the General Contractor to competitively bid the project; CHI will ensure that there is skilled, qualified and coverage of at least 5 sub contractors in each discipline.  CHI and tenant will go over actual costs upon completion of the bidding process and will agree with the General Contractor to a Maximum Price Contract amount.  During the construction process, the only change orders that will be acceptable will be ones requested by CHI and Tenant and are agreed to in writing.   Upon completion of the project, a full reconciliation of Total Project Cost will be completed, with all savings going to the Tenant.